1 method to be more POSITIVE each day

Do you find it difficult to stay positive?

This is the first video of the “Grow a positive mindset” series.

In this video I’m gonna share a method that’s so simple to stay more positive during the day

Things in life happen, everything with a purpose, but some things are nice but some are not so nice.

I believe with a positive mindset we can handle those situations better than when we have a negative mindset.

A positive mindset is focused on solutions instead of problems. So let’s checkout how we can achieve that more positive mindset.

Start the day with making a decision to have a GOOD mood.

A positive mindset is a choice, not something that will overcome you!

For me it helps that when sitting in the car and driving to my work to tell myself out loud “*Today I’m gonna have a good mood*”. It helps when saying it out loud, so you can hear it yourself.

For you it maybe helps to write it down.

To make this actionable I want to give you a few steps that helps me!

You can tell this to yourself or write it down, whatever you a comfortable with.

  1. Tell yourself your in a good mood today!
  2. Tell yourself where you are thankful for!
  3. Give yourself a compliment about yesterday!
  4. Tell yourself you are allowed to fail today
  5. Tell yourself that you are good enough!

I hope that you can these tips from the video in your daily life. ✌️