5 tips to grow in anything

Today I will give you 5 tips, that I have learned, in order to learn new things.

Let’s start with the first tip!

1 Put yourself in positions where you are not the expert

  1. So you are forced to learn new things
  2. In the comfort zone, you don’t learn anything

2 Give yourself time to learn

  1. Think about when a baby starts laying
  2. Then crawling
  3. Then sitting
  4. And then walking

Still following me?

3 Don’t compare yourself with experienced people

  1. It’s not fair to compare yourself with people who already improved their skill
  2. They have spent already a lot more time than you

4 You have to fail in order to fail!

  1. Like a small kid tries to walk it will fall
  2. But you have to try again, again and again
  3. When failing you find also many ways that don’t work

Are you ready for the latest tip?

5 Start simple and then optimize!

  1. Start with trying out
  2. Try more things out
  3. And after that optimize
  4. This is what I learned most from the Agile mindset when working in software development

I hope that you can use some of the tips from this video in your daily life.

Be safe! Be positive! Enjoy life