5 tips to grow in any skill

Today I will give you 5 tips, that I have learned, in order to learn new things.

The reason that a want to share these tips is because I would love to help anyone on be more positive and relax when learning new things.

Let’s start with the first tip!

1: Put yourself in positions where you are not the expert

  • So you are forced to learn new things
  • In the comfort zone you don’t learn anything
  • Tip number two!

2: Give yourself time to learn

  • Think about when a baby start laying
  • Then crawling
  • Then sitting
  • And then walking
  • Still following me?

3: Keep in mind that you don’t compare yourself with experienced people

  • It’s not fair to compare yourself with people who already improved their skill
  • They have spend already a lot more time then you
  • We are over the half

4: You have to fail in order to fail!

  • Like a small kid tries to walk it will fall
  • But you have to try again, again and again
  • When failing you find also many ways that don’t work
  • Are you ready for the latest tip?

5: Start simple and then optimise!

  • Start with trying out
  • Try more things out
  • And after that optimise

This is what I learned most from the Agile mind set when working in software development

I hope that you can use some of the tips from this video in your daily life.

Be save! Be positive! Enjoy life