Always look on the bright side of life

You remember the song right? This song is sticking in so many peoples mind

The sing it, sing very hard and loud

But do they forget what they sing?

What does comes into your mind when you hear the song?

Let’s take a minute to overthink!

I will share what comes to mind in my head

The song tells me to enjoy life even it is not so bright. Whistle even when life feels like a peace of shit

So let’s keep that in mind an think about it something deeper

Even you are going through tough things in life, don’t ignore it, but try to find to positive purpose of it

Even if it is realy realy bad!

Have faith that everything in life has it’s purpose

Most bad things will teach you something!

Don’t stress and be scared that something bad will happen in your life

Embrace the process of life

Life is all about making descisions and learning lessons from the outcome

Loosing your job

For example, if you lose your job for some reason, it can realy realy hurt!

You will feel bad for some time

But months or years later you can look back and see why it has to happend at that point in time.

Don’t regret things in life that happen to you! Try to have faith in the process of life!

So I want to end with a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk

So find that bright side of life and focus on that!

Hopefully this positive message inspired you.

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Be save! Be positive! Enjoy life!