Episode 1

Be thankful for the things you have


  • Be thankful for your house, family, friends, job, kids
  • Be thankful for the country you live in
  • Be thankful for your small things
  • Be thankful for big things
  • Be thankful that you can make mistakes and learn from them
  • Be thankful that you wake up everyday
  • Be thankful that you can read
  • Be thankful for clean water to drink, wash and cook with
  • Be thankful for changes to learn new things
  • Be thankful for having your own opinion
  • Be thankful for your dog, cat, mouse, horse or other animals
  • Be thankful for all techniques like computers, camera’s, smartphone


Don’t regret the things you don’t have or don’t have yet. It’s so easy to do that!


Write down or record in audio and video where you tell where you are thankful for. Name 5 things that you are the most happy with to have that in your life!

Do this daily the next coming 7 days.