Episode 11

New years resolutions don’t work, just start today!

The previous week I took a week off on preparing for the coming new Podcast episodes to be more refreshing than before. So sorry if you missed me, but I’m back today with a fresh new episode for you!

We are slowing entering the end of the year. Winter is coming, Christmas is coming, eating food and spending time with our loved ones is a great way to end this year.

I hope you look back on a year with a lot of lessons and thankfulness.

And if we talk about the new year, people will mostly think about their new year’s resolutions. And that is where I wanted to talk about in this episode.

Most people start with new goals and resolutions at the 1st of January. But why would we wait until new year to start eating healthy or stop smoking?

Humans have the natural behavior to postpone things. Not only goals or quitting bad habits, not just with everything. One person more than the other!

We all wait until the perfect moment to start working on a goal. But is that perfect moment ever be there? NO!

So why wait for the new year to quit smoking if we already know that we want to quit? Why would we wait until the 1st of January to start eating healthy?

The best moment is right now! Because tomorrow will always be tomorrow and will never come. Yesterday will always be gone. So start right now!

So what things will help you succeed in creating your new good habit?

  1. One thing at a time
  2. Take the time to replace your habit, because you never will kill the old one
  3. Failure is always part of the process so accept it!

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