Episode 5

How to get an Agile Mindset


Agile means flexible of course, but the Agile way of working comes from the software development industry. Because I work as a developer, all of the things approach is with an Agile Mindset.

Agile Mindset

The Agile Mindset is not only usable in the software development industries. Because it is a mindset we can use it in our daily lives and that is fantastic.

Break things into smaller pieces

With an Agile approach, you try to make big things smaller. If you want to eat a pizza your just gonna cut it into pieces, because it is hard to it a pizza just in one bite.

So when having big goals it is important that we divide those goals into smaller goals. Smaller goals are easier to fulfill in a shorter amount of time. It will probably be motivated to see you’re progressing each time bit by bit.