Episode 6

How to achieve big goals

The problem with big goals

Most people have big goals, became famous, learn to program an app, become a CEO of a big company.

The good thing about having big goals is that we stretch ourselves and set ourselves to learn new skills.

After a while working on this big goals you will find yourself stressing out “how can I reach that goals” or “thinking negative by telling yourself I will never reach that goal”!

So how could we fix that?

Break things down

As humans, we tend to stretch out so much that we get the feeling that it is too big. Breaking it down is not about the take be happy with less. It’s about dividing those big goals into small and easy to achieve tasks.

How do we do that?

As a developer, I’m having a background in the Agile way of working with the Scrum framework.

With scrum, we write user-stories where we describe the goals we want to achieve. Those user-stories we divide into tasks that are small and easy to test. So how do you take that into your daily life?

If you have the goal to build an app for in the Appstore, you can make a list of what you think you need to learn before you can reach that goal. For example

  • You need to learn to program
  • You need a specific programming language
  • You need to build smaller applications first that do simple tasks
  • You need to learn how you can get an app in the Appstore
  • You need to learn how to get it approved by Apple

These tasks are a lot smaller than just having the goal of having an app in the Appstore. With these tasks, you also create a roadmap for your goal!

If you have any questions on how to break your goals down into smaller tasks? Please DM me on Instagram @positivitybyrayray

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