Episode 7

Split your goals up and make them very specific

Most people, not only people who have anxiety feelings, setting goals often too far away and are making them big.

But in order to make them smart and simple, you could have a goal on the long-term like “Running a marathon in a year”.

But if you are not a person that is used to sports that often you don’t know if it is gonna work as you have planned to.

Some people are very strong and self-disciplined on this, but I don’t and maybe you are also not like that.

So you have to translate that to now and make it smaller so it is achievable and testable.

How do we break it down?

First I would write down my big goal in this way “As {name} I want to be able to {goal} in order to {reason}”.

The goal is now structured with the goal and the why. The why is super important, that describes the reason why you want to achieve this.

Now break it down!

In order to run a marathon, you need to practice to run a smaller distance in order to run the longer ones.

  • Week 1: Run 1km in 15 minutes. Do it with intervals of 1-minute walking and 2 minutes running
  • Week 2: Run 2km in 20 minutes. Do it with intervals of 1-minute walking and 3 minutes running.

And so on and on. It is just about the example of breaking big things down!

I would recommend setting weekly goals instead of monthly or yearly goals because your gonna lose focus on the long term.

I find Trello, for example, a very awesome tool to use, when setting goals.

If you have any questions on how to break your goals down into smaller tasks? Please DM me on Instagram @positivitybyrayray

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