Episode 8

Don't punish yourself but do a retrospective

If it will happen that you did not achieve one of your goals, people tend to punish themselves.

But what is the point of doing that when you failed your goal! Your only gonna feel bad about yourself! But why?

I would rather choose for a timeout and perform a retrospective on achieving your goal.


What is a retrospective? Well for me that is familiar with the software development industry. A lot of teams are working Agile with the Scrum framework and work in iterations. After each iteration, there is a retrospective where the teams write down “what went well” and “what could be improved”.

So they write down a couple of things they need to continue doing and they write down what they should stop doing or improve. Out of this come action point they can use to do it better next iteration.

So how can you do it yourself?

Grab a piece of papers and a few sticky notes. On the blank paper, you draw a line in the middle of the paper.

On the left you write a smiley, here you can out the things that wend good and on the right side you draw an arrow up, there you can put the things that need improvement.

This will make it very visible what you should continue to do and what you need to change.

So every week you do this, in this way you improve your strategy to reach your goal. Because you do it weekly, you won’t do things for nothing and you stay agile to make changes in your strategy.

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