I can’t because I don’t have...

Do you know that feeling? Hearing in the back of your mind.

I can’t do this, because I don’t have this or that!

Famous excuses we make all the time.

We block ourselves be saying that!

It’s focussed on the negative thing instead of the positive things!


Look what you have instead of what you don’t have!

For example, I can’t make nice photo’s because I don’t have an expensive DSLR! I’m not gonna discuss if I can make nice pictures 🤭

But really I don’t need an expensive DSLR to start taking pictures!

No, I just need to pull everything out of the possibilities that I have a phone with a camera! It is possible to make some pretty pictures or video’s with that maybe shitty phone I already own.

It’s better to first start making cool pictures and video’s before I even start to think about needing an expensive camera.

The same is for people who want to start programming and for that reason needs the best laptop there is.

But start programming is better to do on the computer you already own!

With this said stop with making excuses before you can do something. If you want to do it so badly, just start simple with the things you already have!

The best people started at the beginning and did a lot of practicing and failing before they reached to the top!

So don’t waste your time on making excuses, instead, start taking action!

Hope you got some inspiration out of this. If you do? Please leave it in the comments!

Photo by Dani Vivanco on Unsplash