Spread positivity like confetti

Yesterday, I was thinking, why do I make this video’s and put them online so everyone can see it?

And the reason is, I have the feeling that I need to do this, must do this!

It’s feels like I can’t keep it inside my mind anymore, it wants to come out and break out if I won’t do it!

I’m I the best motivator? I’m i the best storyteller? Maybe not! But who cares!

If there is just only 1 persons mind motivated or encouraged by these words I’m happy that I didn’t keep it for myself!

This is not about me, this is me caring about others and plant dose of positivity in people’s mind so the can go through a tough time! That’s my goal!

So If you need some positive motivation on something in your life, please DM me via Instagram!

Because I love to spread positivity like it’s confetti! And you know the thing with confetti, it comes everywhere. Even on places you wouldn’t expect it. Sometimes you will find it after months 😉

Know that you are worth it! Even if you don’t feel like it, even if other people tell you otherwise!

But you are here for a reason! Even if your parents didn’t planned you! You are here for a reason!

You are put on this world to be a wonderful human with it’s passion, character and craziness,

Do what feels right! Choose what feels right! If works for you, then continue! If it doesn’t, that change it fast!

But you are a wonderful human with a important purpose!

Enjoy life, feel it, breath it, take risks, love others!